Winemaking philosophy

“Wine is the son of the Earth, of the Vine, of the Time and of the Man.”

In the vineyard quality means using only organic materials. The density per hectare is at a lowest, and green harvesting is used to keep only 5-6 bunches per vine and 100% hand-harvested.

The Cellar can count on two main areas, the wine-making and the underground aging area.

Vinification is mainly traditional, with long fermentations and maceration with submerged cap, manual pumping over and punching down, refining in small, medium and large oak maintaining always the right balance.

The sequence of the seasons differentiates each vintage, the quiet of the underground cellars allows the evolution of the aromas and flavors, making each production unique for personality and ability to create emotions.

Finally the Alessandria family has been engaged with passion for generations in the work of the vineyard and in the production of wines in synergy with the nature.