DOC Valpolicella

Classico Superiore

Clementi Azienda


Veneto, Italy

Red Wine

ABV 13.0%

Corvina e Corvinon 65%,

Rondinella 30%,

Molinara 5%

Harvested by hand in September, the fermentation in stainless steel tanks then left in contact with the grapes to ensure color is extracted from the grapes skins. Pumping twice a day the wine is not filtered, but it is decanted four times & put in in French oak barrels of 30hl, then in second oak barrels passage, where the wine is aged for at least a year. Garnet with a bouquet of pear & red fruits, cherries, & scent of vanilla. The clean taste makes it a very drinkable wine, & easy to pair. Recommend uncorking one hour beforehand & pouring into glasses at temperature of 65° F.